We help to make children’s
wishes come true.

The Magic Wishing Well is a UK based charity, founded upon the basic principles of promoting love, hope and happiness to people who are some of the most vulnerable in society.

Through various innovative and exciting ways, it aims to achieve the principles set out in order to support a wide range of people. Terminally ill children, individuals with life-limiting illnesses, the vulnerable elderly, the homeless and individuals from less privileged backgrounds will be the main beneficiaries.

Although the charity was founded recently, the founders have been involved in charitable works in these areas for the last four years. The momentum from all their work funded primarily through their personal businesses and networks has left a lasting impression on the vulnerable and needy individuals they have tried to help.


Individual Focus

We aim to focus on the child/young adult as an individual and not let their health define them. Making their wish come true is empowering.

Overcome Obstacles

We aim to help those who cant overcome their obstacles alone. We believe that with a little extra help and support, anything is possible.

Financial Support

We aim to provide the financial support including scholarships and stability that is necessary to help vulnerable individuals to progress in their lives.

Meet the children that had a wish come true.

Katie Smith

Kevin Hart

Aaliyah Hassan

Zara Patel