How You Can Help

About Us

Our story started in 2016, when one of the founders built three bedsits in Heckmondwike town centre that were given out for free to local homeless charities to help get vulnerable homeless people off the streets. Into rehab if needed and then help with food, clothing etc. The Local Radio Station – Radio Sangam, got word of this and invited us to cut the ribbon for a new community radio station.

In 2017 the charity work extended and the team personally raised £35,000 for the people of Rohingya in Bangladesh and £40,000 for the Syrian Refugees in Turkey and travelled themselves to hand deliver food parcels to the respective recipients. They also arranged for two truckloads of clothes to be hand delivered to the refugee camps in Calais, France.

The Inspiration for The Magic Wishing Well came later on in 2017 when some of the team members were asked if they could provide a Lamborghini to attend the funeral of a local child who had passed away with cancer. Not only did we provide one Lamborghini but organised a full fleet of around 20 cars to attend the funeral procession. This led to us being invited to The Candlelighters Charity to join and help fundraising.

In 2018, after visiting the Refugee camps and Orphanages in Turkey, we focused all our efforts in trying to raise one extraordinary sum of money to really make a difference. After only a few months of fundraising we managed to raise over £220,000.

We also raised over £100,000 in 2019 for charitable food packages during Ramadan in Pakistan. After all our fundraising experience we decided that it was time to start our own charity with our own targets and The Magic Wishing Well was born.

Notable Qualifications

  • Qualified Safeguarding and Protecting Workshop.
  • Qualified Time to Listen Workshop.
  • Training undertaken for The Samaritans in Leeds/Halifax in listening and befriending skills.
  • Helped to provide local support during the Covid-19 Pandemic to Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Elderly locals and anyone who was in the vulnerable category all of which was self-funded or provided by local businesses.

Complete Peace of Mind

We have a strong safeguarding policy in place all our staff and volunteers have regular DBS checks carried out to give you, the ones who are helping and working with us, complete peace of mind.

Our Wishes

In the short time we have been operating, we have provided many families with many different experiences ranging from rides in supercars, meet and greets with celebrities, tickets to sporting and music events and everything in between. All trustees and board members of our charity are entrepreneurs in their own right, which is what makes all the above possible, along with traditional fundraising of course.

We provide once in a lifetime experiences for children and young adults who are living with critical illness. If you would like to refer someone then you can do this online here or contact us through post (address) or call (number)

Once we receive a referral, we will contact the family to confirm whether that child is eligible for our scheme. Once this is confirmed then their journey with The Magic Wishing Well will begin!

The details above can also be used if you know anyone who is Homeless, Elderly or Vulnerable that you think could benefit from our help.